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 Telok Ayer Street was once part of Singapore’s shoreline, and migrants who arrived by sea built their places of worship nearby.

The area displays remarkable religious diversity even now, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a Facebook post yesterday.

He went on a walking tour of five places of worship along the street on Wednesday, and met leaders of the church, temples, mosque and shrine that have been there for more than a century. PM Lee visited Singapore Yu Huang Gong and accord respect to Dao Zu, Jade Emperor and the heavenly divinities.


新加坡道教协会 / 新加坡玉皇宫


1- 文书/办公室职员
2- 庙宇服务员





please contact us if you are interested or kindly do an outreach to someone whom you know is keen:

Post A: Clerical Assistant
Post B: Temple Service Assistant

Key criteria: Bilingual, computer literate and willing to work in religious environment.

Tel: 62256113

Wu liang shou fu
TM Secretariat


International Peace Summit 14-16 September 2016 at UNESCO

– Achieving World Peace and Harmony through Religious Education and Engagement –

Jointly organized by Madagascar and Pure Land Learning College Association Inc.


14– 16 September 2016
Room II, UNESCO, Paris
7 Place de Fontenoy, 75007 Paris France

• The Revd Canon Richard Tutin, General Secretary of Queensland Churches Together, Australia
• Dr. Paula Kasparian, Honorary Committee of the Peacemaker, France
• Tim Knox, Regional Coordinator, Aboriginal Program at Queensland Murray Darling Committee
• Kamaljit Athwal, Sikh Nishkam Society of Australia
• Reverend Master Lee Zhiwang, President, Taoist Mission, Singapore
• Saleem Kidwai OBE, KFO FRSA, Secretary-General, Muslim Council of Wales
• Lynda Menchini, Baha’i faith in France
• Ariel Heber, Community Liaison Manager and President of
Queensland Jewish Community Services Inc., Australia
• Venerable Wu Shin, Executive Vice President, Pure Land Learning College Association Inc., Australia

五大宗教汇聚意大利 探讨“不敢为天下先” 听听他们怎么说



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