好消息! 新加坡玉皇宫修复工程竣工, 将于2015年01月01日后开放! Good news! Singapore Yu Huang Gong restoration at final phase! Scheduled to open for worship after 01.01.2015

partial chinese text_opening letter for syhg

In accordance with Heaven’s decree and the Jade Emperor’s great benevolence, Taoist Mission (Singapore) was blessed in 2009 with a 180 year-old “Keng Teck Whay Building” a National Monument. The Heavenly Jade Emperor has then bestowed the name Singapore ‘Yu Huang Gong’, Temple of the Heavenly Jade Emperor to the building and it will be a sacred ground for His revelation to mankind. After over 4 years of fund raising, we have finally completed the extensive restoration to Singapore ‘Yu Huang Gong’. The building has been restored to its original glory and the Jade Emperor has revealed to us the date for the OPENING AND CONSECRATION CEREMONY: 1ST JANUARY 2015 Year 4711th of the Taoist Calendar, Year of Jia Wu, and 11th day of the 11th lunar month In conjunction with Singapore’s 50th Year in Nation Building, Taoist Mission (Singapore) will host the “DOUBLE CELEBRATION” on this auspicious date. Details of SYHG Opening and Consecration Ceremony 新加坡玉皇宫开宫大典详情 报名表格/registration form In the meantime, we still need your generous support! 我们还需您的慷慨捐助!