DARE to dream – Building of Tao Theology and Culture Center in Singapore:

Since its founding in 1996, Taoist Mission (Singapore) has been actively celebrating Taoist Day – The Birthday of the Supreme Patriarch of Taoism, Lao Zi, promoting teachings of Taoism, raising the standard and status of Taoism, promote Chinese traditional values and foster inter-faith communications and harmony. As such, Taoist Mission (Singapore) has postponed its planes to set up Tao Theology and Culture Center. From now on, Taoist Mission will concentrate its efforts to realize this centre.

1 宣传及弘扬正统道教与文化
2 宣传及弘扬中华传统文化
3 教育及推动宗教之间的和谐供存

The objectives of the Tao Theology and Culture Center are:
1. to promote orthodox Taoism, its discipline and cultures
2. to promote traditional Chinese cultures and arts
3. to foster inter-faith communications and understanding


1. 道教楖述与基本知识课程
2. 正统道教传统文化与本地道教信仰之分别讲座
3. 道德经交流会
4. 道教与其它宗教间的动向讲座
5. 道教仪范,玄科戒律学习班
6. 道教-民间信仰学习班
7. 道教斋醮科仪培训班
8. 道教经忏学习班
9. 道教道家哲学学习班
10. 道家文化学习班
11. 道家自修活动:
11.1 华乐团
11.2 医药学
11.3 烹饪与厨艺
11.4 书法与绘画
12. 社区服务
13. 宗教间和谐交流
14. 道教学术研讨会-本地与国际道教交流
15. 道教大法会-本地与国际道教交流
16. 传媒与出版
17. 档案与资料库
18. 现代行政管理与科技资讯训练班

Directions and Plans of the Center:

The establishment of the Singapore Tao Theology and Culture Center is to promote Taoism studies, zhonghua tradition, culture, music and education, nurture taoist talents and learning of the multi religion and multi culture. Also, there will be an information center in Tao Theology and Culture Center. The following functions will be implemented:
1. Talks on General Knowledge & Introduction to Taoism
2. Talks on Taoist Traditional Culture & Local Practices
3. Open Dialogues on Tao De Jing
4. Talks on Taoist and Inter-Faith Movement
5. Study Class on Taoist Discipline
6. Study Class on Taoism- Folk Religious Practices
7. Study Class on Taoism- Rites & Rituals
8. Study Class on Taoism Scriptures & Chanting
9. Study Class on Taoism Philosophy
10. Study Class on Taoism Cultures
11. Taoist Self-Cultivation Activities
— Chinese Instrumental Ensemble
— Health & Healthy Lifestyle
— Meditation
— Cuisine & Culinary
— Calligraphy & Painting
12. Community Services
13. Inter-Faith Harmony Exchanges
14. Taoist Academic Seminars- Local and International Exchanges
15. Taoism Religious Congregations & Rituals- Local and International
16. Media & Publications
17. Archives & Preservation
18. Training Class for Modern Administration & Office Skills



Information Center:

An Information Center will be the first section to be set up in the Tao Theology and Culture Center. This information Center will provide public or any interested party information related to Taoism, Zhonghua issues, directory of Singapore Temples and their events. We welcome all to register as member of the Information Center and support the Center’s functions to disseminate information to the Taoist community and the public.




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