10 May 2010


Dear Esteemed Donors, Sponsors, Commonpaths and Friends of Tao

TAOIST DAY 2010 was significantly celebrated by the 3 joint host organisations, Federation of Sabah Taoist Association (Malaysia), Tek Hay Bio Semarang (Indonesia) and Taoist Mission (Singapore). Each organisation in their respective communities shared the festivities of Taoist Day and worthy teachings of our revered sage, Supreme Venerable Lord Tai Shang Lao Jun (Laozi).

Federation Sabah Taoist Association (Malaysia) took pride in inaugurating Sabah’s 1st Taoist Day Celebration. Their primary mission hereon is to establish alliance with their local Taoist temples and organisations to promote awareness of Taoist Day and understanding Taoism and its identity.

Commonpaths in Semarang Tek Hay Bio on the Supreme’s Revered Day 15th day of 2nd lunar month delivered a community ritual seeking the Supreme’s benevolence and compassion to bless and protect mankind from illness, misfortune and disasters.

Whilst in Singapore, Taoist Mission (Singapore) proudly presented the 15th Taoist Day commemoration with the following festivities:

• Followers gathered in a grand assembly to offer the highest accord of tribute and homage to the Supreme Venerable at the Mass Veneration Ceremony.
• The Taoism Exhibition themed “WHY” presented information on Knowing Taoism, Laozi 81 Manifestations and Archives of Taoist Days celebrations were well received by visitors.
• The Exhibition’s special feature “Friends in Tao” delivered sharings on Tao and Taoism that strengthened the connections of Taoist locally and abroad.
• Regardless of religion and race, many came to support the Launch of Petition Signing Exercise – “Support Taoist Day to be a Public Holiday”. The exercise to pen the support is ongoing until the next Taoist Day Celebration. Log onto website http://www.taoism.org.sg to endorse your support.
• “新加坡道教学院”中文名称正式更名为“道神学与文化中心”。“Tao Theology and Culture Centre” took a new Chinese name: 道神学与文化中心
• Supreme Venerable (Dao Zu)’s GIFT to us – A New Home! Taoist Mission (Singapore) is now the proud owner of Keng Teck Whay Temple, a Singapore’s national monument, situated at 150 Telok Ayer Street.

As we continue to serve the Taoist community either in the heartlands, nationally or internationally, your continued support is very essential in our accomplishments of these noble causes. Let us be united as one to fulfil our missions and success is within our reach when all of us are united in harmony and peace.

Wu Liang Shou Fu Boundless Blessings.
Lee Zhiwang Reverend Master
Advisor, Taoist Day 2010 Transnational Joint Celebration
President, Taoist Mission (Singapore)